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The theory behind creating Spark Sensory

For any of you who like me did a teaching degree you may well have come across the name Jean Piaget, an influential 20th century Swiss psychologist who was known for his work looking into child development and specifically cognitive development. One of his key findings was that from the moment of birth onward, information comes into the brain through firsthand experiences with things, people, and feelings, depending entirely on the senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. The brain adds the information to what it already knows. In Piaget’s words, the brain continually assimilates, or digests, information. So what does this mean for Spark Sensory? Simply, it means tapping into those senses in order to support cognitive development in babies and toddlers in a fun and interactive way.

It is around 12-18 months when children begin to form mental pictures of things, people and feelings and at this point language begins to develop. This is often when children really start to engage in picture books, another reason we love to share books in our toddler and pre-school sessions.

What we know from Piaget's work is that intellectual potential cannot be entirely predicted at birth. A stimulating, sensory environment is likely to make a significant difference in a person’s lifelong learning ability. Spark Sensory has thought really hard about creating a sensory environment that is entirely unique and all the resources and activities have been carefully considered to stimulate each and every sense, we want your children to start their lifelong learning journey with us.... and have lots of fun... and you get a cup of tea and a chat with other parents whilst nurturing your child's potential....and maintaining your own sanity because I know that parenting can be a tough job!

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