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So what's this sensory business all about?

Without wanting to start with a cliché (kind of what I'm doing anyway) I've always had a desire to teach and that was exactly the route I took. Teaching has been my life for the past 15 years and for 10 of those years I've held senior positions in Primary schools, including Head of School and most recently Special Needs Co-ordinator. I'm also a mummy to two crazy little boys, aged 2 and 4. Motherhood for me is all those things shared on social media that we see everyday; the most amazing job in the world and the most difficult and challenging all at the same time. Give me a school of 550 pupils to lead over trying to get my two boys dressed and ready for nursery by 7.45am any day!

Spark Sensory is my third baby. Born out of a desire to combine all my passions; to provide high quality sensory experiences for parents and their children, work for myself, make a difference to pupils with additional needs in schools and be able to meet and greet my sons at the school gate. So this summer I have taken a complete leap of faith, left my current teaching position and launched Spark Sensory full time.

I'm completely passionate about developing a unique and exciting new sensory provision for parents and their babies, combining my expertise in the Early Years curriculum (birth to 4) with my expertise in sensory learning experiences. Spark Sensory Baby classes and Sensory Stories are designed to stimulate and inspire as well as nurture and relax. Central to the high quality provision is our amazing sensory dome. I can guarantee once the lights are dimmed and the soft music is playing you will be transported into a blissful state of relaxation alongside your baby. After all, surely some shut eye alongside your baby is reason enough to come along? Don't worry though, there's also lots of stimulating activities that appeal to all your babies senses as part of the classes too, including messy play, investigative play, singing, dancing and instruments... and a cup of tea and a biscuit, because we know how important that is too!

When not delivering baby sensory classes, I also take Spark Sensory into schools to deliver immersive educational experiences for Early Years pupils and those with additional needs such as Autism. Spark Sensory is completely unique and offers the highest quality sensory experiences to mainstream schools working alongside teachers and teaching assistants offering training and consultations as park of our packages.

So that's what this sensory business is all a nutshell! Completely driven by a personal passion for all things sensory and a desire to offer truly unique, exciting and high quality provision for all, and without ending on a cliché too (I kind of am!) A leap of faith but certainly not into the unknown...

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