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Our Sensory Dome


We can tailer our provision inside or around our bespoke inflated Sensory Dome. It was designed and manufactured specifically for us. It is 5.5m in diameter and 2.5m high. it takes 90 seconds to inflate and less than 10 minutes to pack away and it's light as a feather (well almost!)

Our kit...

Light Effects


Within our dome we use fibre optics, projectors, LEDs and disco lights amongst many small, easy to grip light resources to create a variety of visual effects.

Music and movement
Our baby and toddler sessions use music and movement to engage our little people
Our training in schools often makes use of music for interventions such as Spark Sensory Circuits
The Power of Positive Touch


 Our baby and toddler sensory classes encourage parents to hold, rock and play with their children and our work in schools advocates positive touch through peer massage and making use of textures and materials.